Cronk Y Voddy Launch

Cronk Y Voddy Vodka was released to coincide with the Isle of Man TT races in 2018. Our aim was to make the absolute best vodka that we could, whilst hitting an affordable price point. We succeeded! In the first 3 weeks of this product’s life, 2,500 bottles were sold on the Isle of Man. Cronk Y Voddy is fast becoming the house vodka at some of the Island’s foremost bars and restaurants, due to two factors, the branding (thanks Chas) and the quality. We are confident that our voddy goes toe-to-toe with any other on the market, hopefully the results from the competition entries this year will prove this too!
Our head distiller had the idea for Cronk y Voddy 6 years ago on his first visit to the Isle of Man, way before this project had begun, and whilst working as a wine merchant in Surrey. For those who don’t know, the Cronk y Voddy straight is one of the fastest sections of the world-famous TT mountain circuit, and our label design reflects many elements of the race, and Manx identity. The ABV is the exact length of the TT circuit (37.73%).
We use spirit distilled from locally brewed beer from our good friends at the Hooded Ram brewery to produce Cronk y Voddy, which gives it that creamy smoothness which we are confident you will be returning to try again and again!

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